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Her character is a human version of Gosalyn Mallard from Darkwing Duck according to the creators of the show. Drago usually makes puns, such as when Uncle’s Chi detector’s scale broke he remarked that “I’m off the scale. The Demon Sorcerers are a group of ancient demons who once ruled the Earth in ancient times. The Sky Demon, Hsi Wu pronounced “chee woo” appears to be a human-sized black-skinned demon with bat-like wings, and is presumably, the smallest and weakest, but fastest of the Demons. Whenever he sees something that shocks or surprises him, he uses his common catch-phrase “Whoa Nelly! Drago was captured and was sent to prison in the present Section 13, but escaped only to abandon his present-day father in favor of the Chi of the Demon Sorcerers his aunts and uncles. An engineer and inventor working at Section

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Coming from an alternate future, Drago attempted to use the magical Dragon ‘s Teeth to free Shendu the one in the future.

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The Water Demon, Bai Tsa appears as a hideous blue-skinned mermaid with waving tentacles for hair somewhat like a tc Medusa. Hsi Wu disguises himself as a human boy named Seymour Jahoositz and quickly befriends Jade.

The noble Rooster who was granted the Talisman power of Levitation. The noble Dog who received the Talisman power of immortality when the Talismans were destroyed.

The curse also made her unable to leave the temple, until she was encased in an old suit of armor. Views Read Edit View history. Wong originally employed three dark warriors known as Gan, Ren, and Chui.

Bai Tza is the second strongest of Shendu’s siblings Tso Lan being the strongest, being able to morph into water to escape.

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Despite his best efforts, he lost the stone, and was last seen being dragged away by past versions of the Enforcers. Perhaps like the Oni mask in his possession, the talismans were simply acquired or created by him for his own use in addition to his natural powers.


In the end, Drago managed to suck the Chi out of Tohru and return him to normal, only to lose it to Uncle along with his Fire Demon Chi.

He cha befriended Jade, copying her thumbs-up gesture and her cry of “Hooah! Strikemaster Ice’s posse who met him while they trained in the monastery and were kicked out for bad behavior along with Ice. Jackie is a skilled martial artist and is very agile, but would prefer not to fight evil forces unless he has no choice. Tarakudo is the only Oni that can not summon Shadowkhan, despite being known as the ‘king of all Shadowkahn’; it is hinted that he is able to summon all the types but never gets a chance to before he is imprisoned in his mask along with tb other Oni generals and their respective Shadowkahn.

The wild dark Sasha and the sweet light Sasha later used the Talisman magic when Jackie tried to grab both of them twice, turning him into one person with two heads, the right being Jackie’s tiger side and the left his pussycat.

His portal is located in Spain, where Dai Gui attempts to dig a new kingdom underground, but is defeated by Jackie who wears the Armor of the Gods, an item related to the sorcerers who banished the Demons to the Netherworld. He fails in his first attempt, but later returns to use the Bad Chi contained in the idol of the Three Wise Monkeys, but is beaten again. The Sky Demon, Hsi Wu pronounced “chee woo” appears to be a human-sized black-skinned demon with bat-like wings, and is presumably, the smallest and weakest, but fastest of the Demons.

In the third season Wong becomes the main villain in the show as he attempts to steal the Talismans, after learning they were under the protection of the Chans near the end of the second season.

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He is believed to be the oldest of his siblings. In the cjutti episode, Jade is set to become an agent of Section 13 when she is older. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A corrupt Taiwanese businessman with an insatiable craving to possess jade which evolves into a running catchphrase joke – “the stone, not the niece,” or some variant chn it – in each episode Chang appears, and even has a prosthetic hand made of jade.


Jade also manages to control them by making a tattoo from the face notably Tarakudo’s off the cover of a book; she is briefly possessed by its dark power and takes over Section 13 before Tohru manages to remove the tattoo. Scruffy was a stray that was befriended by Jade, before she or anyone else knew he had the Talisman power. Shendu often expresses submissive if not fearful behavior around them in face of this antagonism. Paco, a young boy around Jade’s age, is El Toro Fuerte’s 1 fan, who believes that El Toro is the greatest fighter ever.

Chow later put on the first Oni mask and took temporary control before having it removed by Jackie. Shendu vowed revenge, but was unable to do so for years. Drago usually makes puns, such as when Uncle’s Chi detector’s scale broke he remarked that “I’m off the scale. He battles them but is sealed away forever when Paco reveals castanets Paco stated that he wanted to keep maracas in his pockets, but the maracas were too big to fit inside, the item used to seal Tchang Zu away in the first place.

Although he initially had strongly believed against the existence of magic, he quickly changed his mind when he saw Shendu with his own eyes.

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However, when the Dark Hand managed to revive Shendu, the demon sorcerer double-crossed them. Jade soon absorbed the Wind Demon’s Chi which turned her current bad xhan habits into major windstorms and used it to fight off Drago and his Dragon Enforcers. At the time, Jade had Tohru on a diet.