Starts dragging a row to a new position. Returns or sets a value indicating the type of mouse pointer displayed when the mouse is over a particular part of an object at run time. Returns whether a given row is currently within view. Returns the number of a row’s parent, first, or last child in an outline. Returns or sets the width of the font of the selected cell or range. Similar to the CellBorder method, but allows the user to specify the range instead of using the selection CellBorderRange.

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Returns or sets a value indicating whether a user vsflexgrid use the TAB key to give focus to an object. This event occurs when a user presses a key while an object has the focus.

MouseIcon Returns or sets a custom mouse icon. Loads the control with data from a Variant array or from another FlexGrid control. Vsflexgrid before the control exits cell edit mode. Returns or sets 3D effects for displaying text in fixed cells. Returns or sets whether the control can act as an OLE drag source, either automatically or vsflexgrid program control.


Fired when the user presses a key in cell-editing mode.

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Fired before a vsflexgrid is moved by dragging on the ExplorerBar or using the DragRow method. Returns or sets whether text should be displayed from right to left on Hebrew and Arabic systems. Returns or sets vsflexgric zero-based index of the current column. Sets an outline level for displaying subtotals. Returns or sets a value that determines whether manual or automatic drag mode is used.

Returns the numeric value of a cell identified by its row and column coordinates. Returns or sets the ToolTip text shown while the vsflexgrid scrolls vsglexgrid. Returns or sets the data vsflexgrid.

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Fired before the built-in combobox closes up. Returns or the number vsfpexgrid characters selected in the editor. Vsflexgrid or sets the input mask used to edit cells on the specified column. Prints the grid on vsflexgrid printer.

Returns or sets the type of picture returned by the Picture property.

Fired before the EditWindow is created, used to modify window styles. Returns or sets a value that determines whether a form or control can respond to user-generated vsflexgrid. Vsflexvrid before the control enters cell edit mode. Returns or sets the alignment of text in the selected cell or range.


Saving, Loading, and Printing Describes how you can save the contents or formatting of a grid and re-load it later, or exchange grid data with other applications such as Microsoft Access and Excel.

Returns or sets whether the user is allowed to freeze rows and columns with the mouse. Returns or sets whether the last column should be adjusted to fit the control’s width. Returns vsflexgrid sets the percentage of svflexgrid for a cell.

Returns or sets the background color of the selected cell or vsflexgrid. Returns the zero-based index of the last row displayed in the control.

Vsflexgtid or sets whether text wider that its cell will wrap. Enables or disables redrawing of the VSFlexGrid control.

Returns or sets the background color of the fixed rows and columns. Returns or sets the border style for the control.