Both the pirates and the Nocturnals are forced to raise their game in response to the new and urgent threat from Sidorio and the renegade Vampirates. Aboard the Tiger, Cheng Li’s ship, they are working out plans to wipe out the Vampirate’s growing empire. I’ve mentioned in previous reviews how much I love this series but trust me the stakes ha Empire of Night is the 5th book in the vampirates series so I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this review you’ve already read the first 4 books, therefore although this review will be spoiler free for Empire of Night it will mention events from the earlier books. Now, with Obsidian Drake. It took me a while to really get into this book for some reason. Generally you’re not going to dislike the book. What happened to this sereis?

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The book ends with people mad and a war about to start. See 1 question about Empire of Night….

Empire of Night – VAMPIRATES by Justin Somper

From the true identity of Obsidian Vampirafes to Grace’s secret romance, and the tragic ending to a young life. While the developement of Grace is awkward and doesn’t make much sense we still vampirates empire of night to see another side to the nigbt angelic girl.

In Empire of Night, we get to know Sidorio more, and he has definitely changed! While Connor is on Sidorio’s ship The Blood CaptainSidorio and his second wife Lady Loc After finding out that Connor was actually Sidorio’s a rebel vampirate son, I am surprised and excited to see what happens next.

Some parts ejpire so ridiculous I roll my eyes, and other parts are pure awesomeness. Apr 25, Cody rated it really liked it.


Vampirates is a series of vampirates empire of night by British author Justin Somper, about a set of twin children, Connor and Grace Tempest, who get separated at sea and are picked up by two very different ships.

Connor finds it a little vampifates difficult to be comfortable among the Vampirates, but soon enjoys being with Johnny and his old pirate friend Jez Stukeley.

Oh my gosh this book was amazing! Saved by a passing pirate ship Connor is pulled aboard by the pirate Cheng Li and quickly vampirates empire of night to his bight life as a pirate prodigy.

As for the pirates, they have a new mission: Aboard the Nocturne, Lorcan is in charge of getting the pacifist vampires ready for imminent battle. This book definitely had it all though; romance, suspense, action, etc. I’ve mentioned in previous reviews how much I love this series but trust me the stakes have been raised in this installment and in my opinion it was the best book so far.

Empire of Night

Johnny is still Johnny but vampirates empire of night shows a more loving side other than just a guys who’s at the wrong place, at the wrong time. It was an absolute delight to see all the characters grow. I have to admit that I have had the opportunity to enjoy listening to the other books in this series rather that reading them because of my travel schedule in my car.

This one was amazing! Hight 01, Gabrielle rated it really liked it. Jul 11, Gina rated it it was amazing. It was irritating to see all the work that was done with the plot and characters be thrown away in this volume Empire of Night is an exciting installment in the Vampirates series.


Empire of Night (Vampirates, book 5) by Justin Somper

Children and Young Adult Literature portal. In fact, it was fampirates good that I found myself talking to the book– scolding characters for their actions, asking why they were doing this, or how they could even consider that!

Justin Somper is a bestselling UK author whose Vampirates books have been translated into over twenty languages. It is none other than the captain of the Nocturne! Connor gets use to being with vampirates empire of night sold pal but he has to let a ship get attacked to keep his cover.

Both succeeding while Lola builds their appetites for blood. Or the situation of no communication or technology shoul I like this series but vampirates empire of night thing bothers me and is always on the edge of my mind while I am reading them.

I’ve enjoyed all the other Vampirate books to date; and while I enjoyed reading this one, so vampurates as the story goes, it wasn’t quite as action packed as the others. Then we find ourselves at book 5, Empire of Epire.

Vampirates: Empire of Night

When Connor’s ship is next on the list of ships to get rid of, both Connor tried, but cutting Lady Lola Lockwood’s head off didn’t actually kill the vampire. Book was well worth the wait. Easlily the best book out of the series so far.