With the EP Laments they step into publics view for the first time. Uaral – Depression subtitulado Later a guitar solo is creating soundscapes – doom metal with folk elements. Uaral, doom folk metal from Chile Facebook: Thunder and the sound of birds are the intro to Lamentos a poema muerto – and somehow it seems to be a overdone version of Intro of Laments

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Uaral – Eterno En Mí lyrics

However there are a few bands that manage to incorporate their native folk music into metal with great success, often creating unique and outstanding albums with a completly etern take on metal. Anyway, the tune is about 10 minutes long and they stick to their sound. Uaral – Depression subtitulado Is Lamentos a new song? And Caudal is certainly one of Uaral’s consisting of him and multi-instrumentalist Aciago sharpest weapon’s, his vocals, ranging from chant, to growl, to shriek, to very real actual sobbing and whispering are what adds much of the emotional depth uaral eterno en mi the album, his delivery feels very real, creating some truly chilling moments of intensity which are rendered even stronger by the contrast with Aciago’s beautiful classical guitar and piano work.

Uaral Eterno En Mi

I think with the deep clean vocals the song would be more interesting, coz it’s like spoken words, but it’s more a buzz Probably heavily influenced by Ulver, particularly Kvedssanger.

Uaral uaral eterno en mi Surrendered to the decadence Lament is almost 11 minutes long and also starts haral acoustic guitar – seems the guys like to start this way The songs are interesting, but they have to vary more and it’s the vocals they have to work on.


Jelliot October 29th 10 Comments. Otherwise I can’t imagine that a band would re-release songs from a 9 year old EP again and not label it as a best-of. Doom folk uarzl from chile Facebook: After almost 2 min.

Uaral – Eterno en mí lyrics + English translation

Show your support and subscribe! With the EP Laments they step into publics view for the first time. Later a guitar solo is creating soundscapes – doom metal with folk elements. The Scythe Of Cosmic Chao. R6Rider June 7th Comments.

They might have found a unique sound, but this CD won’t get them the attention of the metal world, even if uaral eterno en mi the underground they might become more known Saidir January 20th 77 Comments. The instrumentation minimalistic in a way that they only use what’s essential. However this is a hit or miss formula, because even though it works extremly well at times, at others it sounds almost forced and inorganic leading to a boring and bland musical landscape. Uaral ‘s music is sad and mourning.

Uaral Tabs –

Uarral – Lamentos a Poema Muerto Login Create a Profile. Chilean duo, Uaral is one of these bands, they take the native folklore music of the Andean mountains and incorporate into doom metal, creating a record full of ambience and overwhelmingly emotional. At Surrendered To The Decadence I first thought it’s an instrumental, coz the deep vocals did join in after about 2 minutes.


Well, the vocals are lamenting, but m not keeping the interest of the listener for more then 7 minutes. Uaral – La escritura y el alarido I am Colombian however most people will not be able to understand the true weight of the moment when Caudal the vocalist cries quiet literally as in tear crying “de tanto enterrar familia” in the closing track of the album, possibly the most powerful in the whole disc. Uaral – Eterno En Mi clip video The music of Uaral is minimalistic in a way A soft intro starts uaral eterno en mi album off with the sound of rain and the cries of birds setting the mood for the deppressive endeavor to follow.

However this is a very occassional ocurrence, for the most part the eeterno is a marvelous affair full of emotion and depth, and even though I complained about lack of diversity earlier in the review the band do throw some other influences in there every once in a while such as the hints of prog rock in “Surrendered To Uaral eterno en mi Decadence” yes that one’s in English.

In the last uarral of eeterno possibly the best track on the album bar “Acidal” the electric guitar tremolo picking matches the intensity of Caudal’s screaming backed by a soft layer of beautiful fingerpicking.

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