His fame as an outstanding practitioner of nadaswaram music has overshadowed his talent as a vocalist. He grew to become a well known and sought-after concert player and gave a very large number of concerts live as well as over the radio. Retrieved 1 December Contrary to the prevailing norms of dress for nadaswaram players, who, as temple servants, would dress humbly, Pillai often appeared in concerts wearing shirt and trousers or, on occasions, wore the dress favored by the Hindustani musicians. He started giving vocal concerts and moved to giving concerts on nadaswaram on the advice of the pontiff of the Thiruvaduthurai Adheenam. Nannu Vidachi Nadhaswaram – T. No wonder nagaswaram artists are unenthusiastic about the December season.

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Once there, everyone recognised her and helped her to sit near the dais. Ragalapana Kharaharapriya Nadhaswaram – T.

T.N. Rajarathinam Pillai

This article is closed for comments. The senior-most artiste in the fraternity, Tiruveezhimizhalai Subramania Nadxswaram was selected to receive the honour. In that temple there was fairly large crowdt.n.rajaratnam pillai nadaswaram the nAdaswara vidwans will take one rAga and exhaust all possibilities in one side of the temple say East, then south in another rAgA.

September 16, His Vetrilai Petti betel Leaves Box –silver was an outsized one,his entourage was always big,his dress was immaculate–the jewelry was sparkling if I were a woman probably I would describe these appurtenances better!!


His rendering of compositions in TamilTelugu or Sanskrit was considered to be t.n.rajarqtnam.

Even there, these are allotted morning slots that not many people attend. Rajarathnam Pillai received his musical training under the noted Carnatic violinist, Thirukodikaval Krishnaiyer and learnt nadaswaram from Ammachatram Kannuswami Pillai, an eminent musician.

This page t.n.rajaratnaj last edited on 26 Novemberat How does a Sabha decide which young nagaswaram artist can move up the ladder and eventually merit an evening slot? Such was its popularity that other Sabhas followed suit. The curtains came down on the two legends holding on to each other, for the t.n.rajaratnam pillai nadaswaram woman was none other than Veena Dhanam.

T N Rajarathnam Pillai –

The patterns he t.n.rajaratnam pillai nadaswaram on the tavil that night were so ingenious and intricate in texture. Siva Guru Parane Nadhaswaram – T. Regards to all the members of the group. In a departure from the tradition, Rajarathnam Pillai had used violin as an accompaniment.

It is absent in most Sabhas and wherever present it nadawwaram just a precursor to the inaugural event, going under the euphemism of Mangala Isai.

The neglected nagaswaram – The Hindu

A handful of Sabhas present nagaswaram concerts. He founded the RR Sabha to showcase the instrument. How much nagaswaram music can one listen to in succession? This therefore has robbed them of their forte — presenting items such as Mallari and focusing on raga alapanas.


He always rode in “Pleasure” Cars–big sized sedans–when he was t.n.rajaratnam pillai nadaswaram by the Govt of India in One of the earliest recipients of the award he turned away a GOI vehiclel whichwas to take him to the ceremony insisting that t.n.rajaratnam pillai nadaswaram be sent a limo and not an Ambassador–according to the late Critic Subbudu!! You may also like. Ragalapana Hindolam Nadhaswaram – T.

He said that before his teenage years when he started mandolin, he was so mesemerized with TNR’s todi that tOdi of TNR was the greatest inspiration for him to learn and excel mandolin.

Please do share your memories Unfortunately, nagaswaram artists have over the years adopted the concert format like everyone else.

Millennium carnatic Classical Vol 3 – T. Shri Needamangalam Meenakshisundaram Pillai of immortal fame took up the rhythm portion for his display on the tavil.

Both Semmangudi and GNB, though they came from diametrically opposite styles when it came to performing alapanas, openly spoke of the inspiration they obtained from the detailed raga elaborations of nagaswaram artists such as TN Rajarathinam Pillai. Automatically playing similar songs.