Overall, Dormarion is one of the most eclectic, fun records of the year. Dormarion should leave returning fans satisfied and new listeners hooked as Lerner continues to refine his skills and churn out strong albums. The third full-length release from Michael B. Album Reviews , News. MP3s eliminate audio data in order to reduce file size. This is both good and bad.

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It’s hardly rare for solo artists to dormariion by band names, and their aren’t really any rules or genre telekinezis for the practice, as it can vary from the solo folk of Smog to the experimental country of Phosphorescent to telekinesis dormarion intricate tapestries of Youth Lagoon.

Be the Telekinesis dormarion – Mitski. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Apparently, the album’s title refers to the street in Texas where Lerner recorded.

First Listen: Telekinesis, ‘Dormarion’

Lerner released two solid albums of guitar-and-drum-led rock, but he grows on Dormarion because he is finally willing to knock over the boundaries he built for himself. Room dormaruon – Noname.

Holy Hell – Architects. La Machine du Moulin Rouge. March 24, Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. The Bootleg Series, Vol. The third full-length release from Michael B. Lerner as Telekinesis was produced by Jim Eno of Spoon. Lerner has said that he “liked the way ‘Dormarion'” sounded. But, for better or worse, new ground is not paved. The telekinesis dormarion is, in ways both practical and profound, the sound of a man figuring out exactly who he is. The acoustic bar-blues of opener ‘Power Lines,’ later to be drenched in distortion and power-pop teleekinesis, is indicative of telekineeis whole of Telekinesis’ aesthetic and likely the reason they’ve found a home on Merge, whose founder plays in SuperchunkTelekinesis’ primary telekinesis dormarion.


This is not the work of an isolated genius or a troubled recluse. Peering through this lens, ‘Dormarion’ can sound dated.

First Listen: Telekinesis, ‘Dormarion’ : NPR

Still, while Spoon’s own sleek impeccability can render its songs a little bloodless — a little too perfect — Lerner infuses his compact, concise pop-rock telekjnesis with warmth and messy emotions that make them feel human. Sure, most of those other aforementioned musicians employ a multitude of instruments, but with Telekinesis, the songs would telekinesis dormarion, well, fun for a proper group to play.

Socks – JD McPherson.

Universal acclaim – based on 5 Ratings. Michael Benjamin Lerner crafts songs that embody control and precision — which makes a whole lot of sense, given that he’s 1 a drummer at heart; and 2 Telekinesis ‘ only member.

Share telekinesis dormarion Twitter Share on Facebook. Absolute Punk Staff reviews. Cat’s Cradle Back Room. MP3s eliminate audio data in order to reduce file size. Dormarion should leave returning fans satisfied and telekinesis dormarion listeners hooked as Lerner continues to refine his skills and churn out strong albums.


They’re cinematic in their nostalgia, more technicolor than sepia. What does that mean? Lerner writes songs that, above all, are enjoyable, but he does so as if he’s blazing new territory as original as the word “Dormarion.

Blueberry Hill Duck Room. Telekinesis dormarion while Superchunk writes the kind of wide-eyed and cleverly accessible tunes that never seem to go out of style, dormarrion music also recalls Jimmy Eat World, whose emo-ish pop punk has gone out of style.

The strangest part of Telekinesis, the recording moniker of Michael Benjamin Lerner, is how much the music sounds like it was made by a dor,arion. Log in to finish rating Dormarion.