What are you waiting for? The songs are heavy, crunchy, dark, and mysterious. Beautiful passages complimented by Urban Breed’s outstanding vocals are very gratifying to hear. The end result is superb and meshes very well with the rest of the album — catchy and crushingly heavy. He sings with the right amount of emotion and strength which is very effective in upgrading the band’s sound. Their most recent release is flawlessly executed much to the delight of their fans around the world.

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Tad Morose – Modus Vivendi.jpg

Crafted to utmost quality, Modus Vivendi’s riffs are another one of my favourite parts of the album. Fair to Midland Arrows and Anchors.

Hattir July 25th 19 Comments. I would definitely recommend this album to any metal fan, whether you enjoy power metal or not.

I’ll look into them. With his superb singing style, a style that isn’t as high as singers such as Michael Kiske or ZP Theart, Urban can take weaker sounding song and make it into one of the albums more enjoyable songs.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Choruses to “Afraid To Die” “I am telling you The band executed a fantastic brand of take no prisoners-styled power metal and do not let up at all for 47 minutes. Tad morose modus vivendi sings with the right amount of emotion and strength which is very effective in upgrading the band’s sound. This very song contains an absolutely incredible chorus as well as an overall melancholy, yet somehow uplifting feel.


Masterful, powerful, hooky metal that any fan of the more melodic genres needs right now. Modus Vivendi Tad Morose. Ordinary Corrupt Human Lo.

You have to be logged in to post a comment. Peter Moren does alot of great double bassing and assists the guitars with adding the thrash element to the music; I like how the bassist mimicks him throughout most of the album. The riffs midus more generic than before, and the songs are starting to follow a certain formula. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

Tad Morose – Modus Vivendi (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

I think this is their greatest record to date and I hope they evolve even more on their next offering. This is where Urban comes in.

AllMusic relies heavily on Moros. To create a very consistent album, write absolute tad morose modus vivendi melodies without sounding like a pop band, having an own identity and not sounding like a copy of others, having a phenomenal vocalist and last thing on top having music norose rocks your brains out.


I picked Modus Vivendi up without knowing how good or bad it would be, so i really took a chance with this and i’m sure glad I did. It’s a refreshing escape moroee the more symphonic, fantasy orientated side of power metal and is a load of fun to listen to. NightrunnerApril 27th, Knowing Me, Knowing You. There’s also a moment of tad morose modus vivendi thrash at the very end of the song, good stuff. After hearing “Modus Vivendi” for the first time, I thought that it was simply “yet another solid work, not quite on par with “MotD,” but still excellent.

Modus Vivendi – Tad Morose | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Every track can be easily differentiated after several listens and instantly recognizable as a stand out song. When all these things, among others too, is combined you get such a fantastic album as this.

Otisbum September 18th Comments. A vital part of the band’s sound is the catchiness. Since mentioned album they have only done better albums for each time.