It seems superficial enough and you get why the girls would want to save their spa, their horses, this place that had witnessed their friendship through the years. Here it becomes a question of priorities, and a sad reflection of the state of the industry as a whole. These Pastel-Themed Cafes Outsi The sister is the practical one with a sense of the world, and who thus resorts to working. Views Read Edit View history. An unknonw error has occurred.

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Apparently, this may be a case of misguided direction.

The two others just seem like the most superficial of socialites, made larger than life by the fact of parody. The four lead girls do a fine enough job of committing to the conceit.

MMFF REVIEW: Sosy Problems |

Meet the Sosy girls. Nobody gets to stretch their dramatic muscles much, problesm the many plots left dangling, sosy problems the comedy mostly comes through. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

They might have gotten away with it had the film just been sillier. Use the HTML below. The crisis is that the land on which their country club stands was sold, and the new owner wants to build a mall. Critics as Best ” The funniest bits in this film have little to do with plot.

The spoiled-rich daughter of a hotelier and self-appointed leader of the Sosy group, Lizzie Rhian Ramosproposes a planking protest to stop the bulldozers from rolling. Sosy problems Cebuano Edit links.


MMFF review: ‘Sosy Problems’

Select gender Male Female. That it hews so close to straight-up ridicule but manages still to have a heart for all of the characters probleks a credit to the film.

This is also where their personalities actually seem different, and they are meaner to each other as they walk in their stilettos for sosy problems looking for the pilapil where they can have a picnic.

Because in truth this is the kind of film that can get out of control, the kind that can fail tremendously at keeping on the track sosy problems parody.

The story at its most basic is what you expect. There is some cleverness to the whole thing, but it would be too much to recommend a movie that is so decidedly unfinished. Of course it is also in the probinsiya that the funnies come in, as the three other girls come and visit their suffering friend, and all four of them try to make the best of the place: This page was last edited on 14 Augustat It should come as no surprise to anyone that Sosy Problems feels unfinished.

Full Cast & Crew

Danielle Bianca Probldms is trying to hide the fact that her family is in dire financial straits. She is in cahoots with an evil rich Chinese businessman. But too she is the classic example of the matapobre turn in the new rich. Her motivations for commissioning the story would have been something interesting to explore. The film sosy problems itself with an abundance of plot.


Sosy Problems () – IMDb

The film was first announced on May 7, through GMA Network as they plan to release new films monthly. Lizzie Consunji Bianca King The acting in the film is fine. Start your investing journey with COL Financial. It ought to be noted that while Sosy Problems had no time sosy problems complete its scenes, it did make sure to have time for a lengthy scene involving Vicki Belo that has her promoting some of her products.

It makes fun of its characters, but also shows an affinity and care sosy problems them. Myanmar’s Rakhine rebels attack police posts in pre-dawn raids Asia Pacific. This is not to say they are as dumb or ignorant, as flaky or as superficial, as it is to say that we as a public already imagine them to be a version of this sosy girl, what with their designer outfits and bags, and their Inglesera selves.

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