This is the list of pages that you currently have on your website. In WebPlus X2, the Artistic Text Tool creates a text box that does not automatically wrap your long lines, so using that tool for your long paragraphs leads to a lot of manual work on your part. If you’re not satisfied with the position, you can always drag the text block to the correct place later. What makes WebPlus a joy to use is its convenience: To do that, start up WebPlus X2, hit the ESC key on your keyboard once to dismiss the Startup Wizard that automatically appears , click the “Help” menu, and then click the “Check for Updates from Web” item on the menu that appears. Anyway, once you have the box dragged to the size you want, let go of the mouse button.

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If all you have is the XP or Vista’s serif webplus x2 firewall, this paragraph does not apply to you. After you design your website, you will need to transfer it to your web host’s computer called a web serverso that the rest of the world can actually see it. Passive mode connections seem to work with many, if not serif webplus x2, web hosts. But there’s actually no cause for concern. Notice that there are many tabs lined across the top of that dialog box. Meanwhile, the Smart Objects solution to more complicated features is clever, if not entirely satisfactory for those who like to keep everything “in house”.

Replace it with the name of your website. To adjust the placement sreif the box, move your mouse over one of webplud borders of the text box but not directly over any black dot. Verdana is the default font used by WebPlus X2 for the field you created, and the default size of the text is “12 pt”. It’s a name which people can type into their browser so that they can reach your website.


Nor will the search engines even know your site exists, let alone list it in its results. Essentially, this means that you’re given a blank page of fixed width onto which you can drag and drop graphics, text and other elements. This whole process of copying one or more files from your computer to your web server is known as “uploading” or, in layman’s language, “publishing”. For example, many people reading this Serif WebPlus X2 Tutorial will probably have arrived directly at this page, serif webplus x2 than through thesitewizard.

For the rest of the fields, you will need webpous enter the information provided to you by your web host werif you first signed up for an account. For now, just type the text that you want on the serlf, including the text that is supposed to be made into links. When you click the button, notice that it changes colour to indicate that it has been selected.

Don’t worry too much about the exact spot to click, except that it should be on the page itself. While this approach is useful because it’s very focused, it is not without problems, the biggest of which is that creating a website involves much more than designing its visual appearance.

Included in that list is what is often called your “FTP address”. Serif has a long history of creative software development, building inclusive tools at budget prices.

There’s more to using fonts on web pages than newcomers realize. You have created and uploaded your first serif webplus x2 page using Serif WebPlus X2.


For the home page of your website, you will probably want your site’s name to be prominently displayed at the top of the page. Enter the name of the folder, exactly as they gave it, into the “Folder” field of the dialog box.

Pros An easy serif webplus x2 use drag-and-drop page design, RSS tool.

Serif WebPlus X2 – PC

Take a look at the serif webplus x2 side of your WebPlus X2 window. There are 8 of those dots, with 1 on each of the four corners of the box as well as one in the middle of each line around the box. Even if you do decide that you need to employ an external application you’ll be going equipped with the knowledge needed to make it a quick visit. Right click the webpus line; that is, click your right mouse button while your mouse cursor is over the “Home” line.

Otherwise, it means that one or more of the items you entered earlier was wrong. Sign in with Wrbplus Sign in with Facebook. Please do not reproduce or distribute this article in whole or serif webplus x2, in any form. Try it with your mouse over different dots to see the different effects dragging will have on your box.

WebPlus Webplu will make a lot of people very happy. It is an essential part of web publishing. Please do not skip this step.