FAQ support is available on www. Picsel Smart Office for Bada updated to 1. Pasting formulae is limited; for example, if you have a row you wish to copy and paste into the rows below, trying to paste all the columns at once did not work in our testing. Instead, a full-screen editor is called whenever you tap the Insert or Edit toolbar icons. An updated version of Smart Office version 2.

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The spreadsheet picsel office is the most ‘feature complete’ part of Smart Office, and feels much more like a desktop application than the equivalent section of Quickoffice.

Not sure if we would want to see an Excel document in 3D, but it would work pretty well for PowerPoint.

In addition to the start and end handles, an extra handle appears allowing you to move the entire selection to another location in the document, which applies to text and images. There is also a graphics accelerated page preview mode that lets you quickly flick through a large number picsel office pages. While editing, picsel office secondary toolbar appears when you tap at the bottom of the screen which gives you access to all of the editing tools.

You can also adjust alignment, but there are no other options for paragraph formatting, e.

It picsel office also view images and PDF files. So you can bold up words, underline, change fonts, change size, and save in original format. Check date values in: However, there is picsel office way to add a new slide, or change the background image. Groov-e Elite Wireless headphones. After you have selected something, open the Scrapbook from the toolbar, and drag your content on to it.


The real test of any office suite is how well it preserves the formatting elements from desktop software. A widget, which slides in from the right, allows you to sort file lists according to name, date, size, or type. Instead, they have to be saved locally, which will spoil the experience of collaborating on ofvice documents.

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Cubelets Discovery Set — Allowing officce kids to mix play and kffice the perfect Christmas gift! This then loads you into the full-screen text editor with the selected text for you to work on. For picsel office gimmick Picsel Smart Office also has 3D functionality, which means you can view the content picsel office 3D if you have a stereoscopic screen or in anaglyph on a standard screen.

Since this metaphor was taken as far as having an image of a scrapbook and on which the selected content is shown as a glued-on clipping, it was surprising to find that there was only one scrapbook page to use — rather than having swiping gestures to turn the page and add something else.

The only element we lost in a Word document was a comment attached to a word, and simple PowerPoint files were preserved too. Each column of formulae had to be pasted one at a time.

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The hub of Smart Office is its file explorer which neatly displays your files and folders, along with your recent documents and cloud accounts on Dropbox and Google Docs. The new file explorer makes better use of screen real estate by rearranging file lists into two columns when in landscape mode. However, it takes this a step further by zooming out to picsel office multi-page view which dynamically reorganises itself to make the best use of the screen area.


Picsel UK Ltd entered liquidation in June Smartoffice went into administration inand its residual assets were purchased by Artifex Software Inc, a player in the printer market, in February and these residual assets were subject to all previous licenses including those sold by the administrators.

Picsel [1] was a company and technology founded in Glasgow, Scotland and picsel office trademark and innovations were used to develop products for handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Smart Office supports cut, copy, and paste as you might expect. Views Read Edit View history. Picsel Smart Office Score: File compatibility on Smart Office is comprehensive, picsel office able to read and write Word.

This is unfortunate as it removes you from the context of the document.

Picsel Smart Office offers best-in-class document editing

Of course, there are all the same formatting tools as mentioned in previous sections, e. Images can be viewed, but not added. It is cheaper than the Adobe Reader 2.