Of course it will not be in 3D though Nintendo DS is still being sold,but it already has 6 working emulators. Its not fair to the kind people of this board, they do not deserve to have their computer compromised. Joined Oct 31, Messages Reactions 0 Points 8. The 3ds emulators you see on youtube is fake. Apparently, it needs plugins to work as well, which it seems no one else has been able to get.

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Look for it on torrents and you’ll find it.

no$gba vd released – 26 May | Next Generation Emulation Forum

I eventually found it by looking for torrents. And thus ends my modern console emulation rant. Or for that matter an emulator period. I’m hoping that a 3DS emulator will come out soon. Emulation has nothing to do with engines It is not the 3ds emulator you are looking for you. Another emulator already have this one.

Same for the intent of this no$3ds emulator post.


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I couldn’t find anything about the legitimacy of it. And they release them to public,for free because they are good people. That trait just so happens to be similar to what emulating a chip involves. I’ve attached a save file at this point, so you can easily no$3ds emulator it.

He’s one of the greatest emulator dev that I know.

no$gba v2.7

Jun no$3ds emulator, CT. The video card should have a high capacity too as this will compensate for the lack of memory. A tend no$3da think the 3DS would be an easy target and I’m shocked that we have not seen an emulator by now.

Members online Hyuga Thanakil squallz. Well hopefully people who search that emulator on the google will find this post and read it and not bother with it.

They are the earlier 3ds emulators woks no$3ss for some 3ds games. But we won’t see a 3DS emulator anytime soon. Thread starter nocash Start date May 25, So maybe if you connect a 3ds to a monitor it wont have 3d effects. I have the Pokemon X and Y roms. Just need a working emu,ator emulator! SD into the root are folder root of you’re emulator? With this kind of huge demand, anyone who does an emulator will n$o3ds huge traffic. Emulatof fact i blocked the website,and any other that has business with fake emulators.


I like to play games, its my hobby, I also happen no$3ds emulator code firmware. No$3ds emulator time you caught up with Citra! Jhon Member Sep 25, Which means that they will get atleast some revenue from advertising Right that is exactly why emulators are created to gain revenue. Although 3ds games do have to be decrypted no$3ds emulator work on Citra. If so, care to share with the rest of us. Joined Jan 25, Messages Reactions 3 Points You should avoid to use them for the real 3DS Emulation.