From his third album ‘Ichchhe Holo’, he started recording his basic albums annually as a ‘Puja Album’ like other artists during August of each year, until It was his first album which was published in Kolkata Book Fair , and the only album which was published personally, without any help from any recording company. Report this video Select an issue. Like his first music-directed film Mahasangram, this movie was also other person who was arranger, this time was Indraadip Dasgupta. Both of these albums published in does not contained any photo of him on front cover. This album also does not contain any photo of him on front cover. In , Suman recorded his 4th album ‘Gan-ola’, which contained 15 songs.

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Unlike two previous albums, electronic keyboard was completely unused in this album.

Antiwar Songs (AWS) – Kabir Suman

Views Read Edit View history. Like many Bengali singers, Suman has also recorded albums of Rabindra Sangeet Songs of Rabindranath Tagorestarting in the lates. Amit Bandopadhyay arranged the instrumental music with many session musicians all nandigram by kabir suman but one, where Suman played his guitar and harmonica only. Kabir Suman is famous for using strong language against political opponents in public functions. In this year, he wrote, composed, sung, kabri even played a cameo role in a Bengali shman Mahasangramwhich contained 6 songs.

Since then he has released over ten albums, his most recent one being Nandigram in After that, he started completely releasing his new songs as mostly audio format, sometimes kabkr video format through his website. His electronic music supremacy developed further on his next album ‘Ghumo Baundule’.


Kabir Suman

It was his second album which front cover does not have any picture of himself. It is often called a sequel of ‘Nandigram’. Also in this album, all songs were accompanied with electronic keyboard, and hardware drum programmer by Suman. This album also does not contain any photo of him on front cover. It contained 12 songs again after ‘Bosey Anko’, and also like ‘Bosey Anko’ – most songs was recorded with a simple guitar, this time nandigram by kabir suman an electric guitaronly 2 songs with electronic keyboard, 1 song with keyboard, guitar and drums, another song with piano, guitar and harmonica, and nanfigram songs were accompanied by sarod, santoor, tabla and drums by other artists.

His work has been a major influence in the development of the Bengali songs, which has influenced bands kaibr Chandrabindoo, and has grown to become a major movement in contemporary Bengali music. He also got Radio Mirchi Award for best lyricist, best compact disc, and best seller compact disc for this film. Report this video Select an issue. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources.

Kabir Suman’s recorded albums – Wikipedia

It was also his first album, where no other musicians played. Nandigram by kabir suman party All India Trinamool Congress did not liked his view, and repeatedly said to ban this album, and stop saying about supporting Chhatradhar Mahato, but he has not changed his view, so the clash continued with him from other leaders, including AITC supremo, then railway minister Mamata Banerjee.

The entire instrumentation was done by Suman. Kabir Suman returned to his solo Bengali album in after a three year long gap. Unfortunately the motion picture released after a long 12 years gap, inand was flop. It was one of the complex electronic music recording in Bengali music industry, were all 14 songs were accompanied by complex-customized electronic sound. Kabir Suman said a little speech in the middle of the title song. Kabir Suman’s official website. It was published from Cosmic Harmony, which continued to publish his next few albums.


Sonali Kabin – Tobuo Valobashi Movie -bangla song Bengali gaan bangladeshi songs Bangla new song bengali music bangladeshi gaan ; Bangla new song bengali music bangladeshi gaan. Suman used both instruments very complexly, and created a complex orchestration alone.

His protest-mindness helped to Trinamool Congress to stand him as an MP in then bh Lok sabha election. All songs were completely accompanied by a simple acoustic guitar. An extended recording of this album as EP cassette ‘Sondhyadiper Shikha’ was published in next yearwhich was 4 more songs, 1 of them was published in ‘Kalo Horin Chokh’.

In fact, today he is one of the important figures in the ongoing movement against the anti-people policies of the communist government in West Bengal. Initially it was published only as cassette, but later also as CD. Two songs were sung by Suman, one by Sabina Yasmin. Chupi chupi alapon Full nandigram by kabir suman Bengali gaan bangladeshi songs -Bangla new song bengali music bangladeshi gaan ;Bangla new song bengali music bangladeshi gaan.