This could also explain why she loves taking care of things that are weak-willed, which she leaves or which escape, like Ta-kun, the black kitten when they start to show independence. During the first season, Haruko searched for an ideal human whose N. In the manga, the robot’s role is lessened as more of a minor support character in helping Ninamori save Naota from an angered Haruko. She is ultimately revealed to have a slight crush on Naota, further hinted by her dislike towards Mamimi and later Haruko. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. When Mamimi first saw the robot while he was wearing a halo and wings, believing him to be a god due to his angelic appearance, she named him “Canti” after “Cantido, the Lord of Black Flames” in the video game she plays. But Haruko’s attempt to have the headphones removed activates its security lock mode, drilling itself into Hidomi’s skull to prevent removal and causing her to manifest the traits of her subconsciousness as a result of radiowaves from an active Medical Mechanica factory.

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She also seems to become smitten with Canti, despite her initial attempt of destroying him with an anti-tank rifle while incorrectly calling him a “cyborg”. During the first season, Haruko searched for an ideal human whose N. With even Amarao unaware of her full intentions, assuming Atomsk is a former lover, Haruko’s played with Naota’s feelings while endangering the Earth as part of her plan for Atomsk to fully manifest.

Kitsurubami is named after a light brown traditional Japanese colorwhich happens to be the color of her skin. Much like Amarao, Naota is picky about his drinks disliking drinks which are sour or bitter and hates spicy foods, and shares an intimate bond with Haruko. Thus, her name could be interpreted as “Lieutenant Brown”, although the color Kitsurubami is not the common “brown”.

Let’s check out some goddamn anime feet for a change. She is ultimately revealed to have a slight crush on Naota, further hinted by her dislike towards Mamimi and later Haruko.

Adults like her are contradictions in Naota’s life; he wants to become an adult, but the adults around him don’t act like adults at all. The “-kun” suffix is an informal and intimate honorific primarily used when addressing males of equal or junior status.


Scifoni, Maria Letizia Italian. In the first episode, he mistakes “furi kuri” with “kuri kuri,” a sound effect often used to describe any twisting motion, often breasts or nipples. His father’s truck is msmimi eaten by the terminal core when Mamimi loses control of it.

Haruko aids and instigates Kana and her friends throughout the season, and is shown to have had a previous relationship with Tsukata Kanda of Interstellar Immigration, before having moved on when she was underwhelmed by his N. He is friends with Naota and is often seen hanging out with him, Gaku, and Ninamori. She can be viewed as symbolic of the ineffectiveness of educational institutions imparting any truly important or useful knowledge: But Haruko quickly recovers from her loss and resumes her hunt for Atomsk.

Compared to the other adults in FLCL, Kamon is the most extremely immature yet shows a surprising amount of seriousness and thoughtfulness. It became a ritualistic practice for her in worshipping her personal deity Cantido whom she considered Canti an incarnation of.

Mamimi entered a sort of relationship with Naota as a means of coping with Tasuku having left for America and getting a new girlfriend, calling him “Takkun” before he realized she was using him and emotionally explodes about her using him as a consolation prize namimi the events of Brittle Bullet while vowing to win her love.

The amusement park itself would later be revealed as the site of an experiment to extract N.

Mamimi Samejima

Ultimately, unable to convince Naota, Amarao could only watch the climax unfold before seeing Atomsk fully manifest. But a disillusioned Mamimi instead found a Medical Mechanica terminal core which she named “Takkun”, used it to enact retribution against those who have wronged her by feeding it her classmates’ cellular phones and motorbikes before it goes berserk while enacting its program.

Atomsk’s power to manipulate space made him sought by both Haruko and Medical Mechanica, the latter having successfully captured him before the events of the first season.

Kitsurubami is also shown to suffer chronic nose bleeds whenever witnessing Naota’s N. In this instance, an cephalopod-like Medical Mechanica robot which first appeared on Naota’s head as cat ears transferred itself over to Ninamori at the time it begins to gradually manifest while using her body as a both a weapon and shield in its attempt to capture Canti mmamimi it finally emerged after ingesting curry and is destroyed.


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It is revealed that Mamimi, unable to return Naota’s feelings despite having a genuine affection for him, leaves Mabase to become a professional photographer. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. In the credits she is seen alongside her Vespa in an unknown location, possibly Mars. She is an noisy airhead who works part-time at a restaurant and hangs with her friends, Mossan, Hijiri and Pets in what was an unremarkable time until she crossed paths with Haruko who opened her N.

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Having a history with Haruko, who used him like Naota before abandoning him for not living up to her standards as his portals are small, Amarao wears fake eyebrows made of nori that appear to negate his N. Masashi also has a job as a delivery boy, and drives a truck around, even though he is only in grade school. She has the peculiar tendency to name people and things “Ta-kun Or sometimes simply spelled as Takkun ,” after her personal nickname for Naota’s brother and Naota himself. She seems to be constantly troubled by the shallower problems which Naota seems to create, such as the destruction of her car which happens twice over the course of the series or the terrible interruption of a lesson.

As revealed in the credits of FLCL Progressivetaking place between it and the first season, Atomsk is later found and absorbed by Haruko for the brief moment that resulted in the creation of Julia Jinyu who attempted to keep him free from Haruko and Medical Mechanica before she was defeated and eaten by the former.

When Naota is absorbed, Canti’s physical strength is increased and he gains the ability to transform into an antitank gun, called the “Overdrive Technique” in the manga, that fires Naota’s essence in the form of a liquid bullet that returns to the gun after being fired. Atomsk’s bass guitar is a Gibson EB-0which played Amarao to having assumed that Atomsk was a humanoid male figure with fiery red hair and that he was Haruko’s lover by the way she spoke of him.