I try to enjoy it every time. It was mixed and they just wanted to drink alcohol and have fun, which is also not bad. But we had a show in the east of Spain… That was probably the worst experience we ever had on stage. I went to the front of the stage to play a guitar solo and after ten seconds I was completely wet. I want to be myself the whole time. Costa Del Sol Siriusmo Remix.

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Back in the days, it was more day by day. In the end, surprising myself in the studio and surprising myself on stage will be the things that make me simmius my whole life.

Kid Simius – Listen on Deezer | Music Streaming

We then had to choose which ones we were gonna play on that hour. I try to have fun the whole time. But in the kid simius keep it up, when I started to play big shows, we thought we were the Rolling Stones and started to do lots of crazy stuff. Also, the show in Poland. Jid also played with his project Kilnamana and we invited Sophia Cortez and a lot more, and we just made it really familiar. La Hacienda Schlachthofbronx Remix.


Will the people like my music? I mean, if somebody asks for it, of course, I would do it, but I try to avoid it. But also when the weather is not good.

We also had to play two shows, and some people saw both of them and said that the second one had really crappy sound.

Living It Up

Sometimes you just have to be able to laugh about yourself, because sometimes you want to move the crowd and we make certain moves like clapping and then the people are still doing nothing, it feels really embarrassing.

I want to be happy about every show I play. Over here, it is more of a punk feeling. We get interrupted by people who want to take pictures. Then Marten went up to him and he just said: Now You Should Ride It! We always remember the one of Benni, our tour manager kid simius keep it up Mannheim, because Jose was chatting with a guy for hours and we all wanted to go. He gets very, very nervous, like crazy nervous. And it also makes me very happy to see the reactions of the people.

You have to be able to get through it and just laugh about it. Being successful is another thing. We had the chance to have our own lineup for 12 hours on the Manege Stage and we made a Kid Simius and friends show. Are you afraid of losing it sometimes, like getting numb? I also met the Crystalfightersthey played after me and I got the chance to go on tour with them a kid simius keep it up of years later in Spain.


When you play at like 3 a. Put Your Zipper Down feat. But I noticed, for example when I arrived backstage, I met a lot of people I already knew.

Abby – Monsters Kid Simius Remix. When they announced you indid you know about the festival beforehand? Just try to laugh about yourself. We tried to set up our stuff there but… We made the best out of the situation. When we start a show, we try to start strong ksep powerful. The pressure and the responsibility are getting bigger every time but I just let it go. Livin’ It Up feat. That was not normal.