The Dhyana krithi, krithi for the eighth chakram, and Mangala krithi use the last declension. She who is the embodiment of Hrim, She is the presiding deity for the Mantra Hrim. She is the color of dawn, Aruna, and is enshrined in the Samkshobhana Chakra. Let my loving mind be dissolved in Her, whose beloved is Shiva, and who is the mother of Guruguha. She endowed the gift of speech in Muka and made him a Kavi. She is the presiding deity of Sarvasha Paripuraka Chakra and is the beloved of Paramashiva. They are very elaborate compositions which may be well compared with major symphonies in the Western system.

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She is the consort of Shankara, who is the Lord of innumerable universes. An added element is the use of different case endings which Dikshitar uses in his other group krities, like the Abhayamba and Nilotpalamba set.

Dikshitar: kamalAmbA navAvaraNa

She has the form of the Mantra which begins with the letters Ka, Ha, Sa, etc. Kamalamba navavarnam is believed that such a fusion of all melodic and temporal elements in the same kriti is a musical way of expressing the advaitic ideal of “aham Brahmasmi” or complete union with the Kamalamba navavarnam. This page was last edited on 4 Augustat The rendition of this classic cycle of compositions begin with an invocatory song on Lord Ganesha and Lord Muruga. She is the only essence of all the pervasive universe.


You are the bird Hamsa[2]. She whose speech is mellifluous, is the spouse of Shiva and the personification of goodness. In the wide doorway of Her abode, wherein the jewelled bell kamalamba navavarnam announces salvation, She is understood by Guruguha, who is eternal. You are Shri Maha Tripurasundari. The Ahiri krithi can be decomposed so, to detail kamalamba navavarnam the use of declensions of the noun. It requires years of training to render them to perfection.

She who is of the subtle form Nada and is propitiated by the ten Shaktis, Sarvasiddhiprada, etc. She who bestows abundant blessing, who is the cause of the glory of Kamalalaya Lake, consort of Shiva, ocean of compassion. The Dhyana invocatory kriti in Todi is in the vocative case, followed by the Anandabhairavi in the nominative, Kalyani in the accusative, Sankarabharanam in the instrumental, Kambhoji in the dative, Bhairavi in the ablative and so on.

She is like the she-parrot in the center of the cage known as Tara.

She who is creator of Shrikanta, Brahma and others, She who created the universe, which is in essence nothing but Shiva, She is the agent of all actions, resides in the sacred outer Chakra possessing ten triangles, and is served by Bhairavi-Kali, Bhargavi-Lakshmi and Bharati-Sarasvati.

She who is the beloved companion of Lord Sundara-Shiva, who revels in joy deriving from wisdom and is very beautiful. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. She speaks softly and has beautiful teeth. She whose feet are beautiful and red in color, who is radiant, mother navavarmam Guruguha and resides in kamalamba navavarnam heart kamalamba navavarnam Sadashiva. Oh benevolent one, You are fascinated by the devotees of Shiva and Guruguha. You are called Aparna[1].


Credit also is due Vidyasankar Sundaresan. She kamalamba navavarnam protects the Yogis, Her mere glance is capable of dispelling beginningless delusion and ignorance and the laws of cause and effect.

One of the specialities of this group set is the usage of Vibhakti or declension of the noun “Kamalamba” i. Kamalzmba help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Her body is like burnished gold, and kamalamba navavarnam the eternal stream of undifferentiated unique bliss. She makes the sun, the moon and the fire manifest themselves. She whose braided hair excels the beauty of lovely black bees which swarm around the Punnaga tree.

She is worshiped by the celestials and resides at Kamalapura. Indra and other celestials attend on Her.

kamalAmbA navAvaraNa kRtis of Muttusvami Dikshitar

May he be victorious. English has been provided originally by Sangeetha Kalanidhi T. They are very elaborate compositions which may be well compared with major symphonies in the Western system.