Jayaraman school are considered to be specialists in the rendering of these compositions. The Dhyana invocatory kriti in Todi is in the vocative case, followed by the Anandabhairavi in the nominative, Kalyani in the accusative, Sankarabharanam in the instrumental, Kambhoji in the dative, Bhairavi in the ablative and so on. She who is the embodiment of Hrim, She is the presiding deity for the Mantra Hrim. I meditate on Mahatripurasundari, who is propitiated by the goddess with the boar’s face, Varahi, and others, the suzerain empress, the auspicious one who dwells in the circle replete with all bliss. She endowed the gift of speech in Muka and made him a Kavi.

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April Learn how and when to remove this template navavarnaj. She delights Shaktis such as Kamakarshani. Jayaraman school are considered to be specialists in the rendering of these compositions.

She who bestows abundant blessing, who is the cause of the kamalamba navavarnam of Kamalalaya Lake, consort of Shiva, ocean of compassion. She who has a lovely moon-like face, whose eyes are like the lotus bud, whose feet are praised by Indra, whose rays are the five elements such as space, She is the gazelle-eyed in the forest of Hrim.

She is established in the ten Kalas and manifests in kamalamba navavarnam inner navacarnam having ten triangles.

She who is knowledgeable and is entertained by Guruguha, She manifests as Sarvartthasadhaka Chakra, achieving all purposes.

Dikshitar’s Kamalamba Navavarna Krithis, Vol. 1 by B. Rajam Iyer on Spotify

It is believed that such a fusion of all melodic and temporal elements in the same kriti is a musical way of expressing the advaitic ideal of “aham Brahmasmi” or complete union with the Absolute. Mother of the universe and also known as Bhagamalini, may She bestow Her glance on me, and kamalamba navavarnam all accomplishments on me. Tantra Shaktism Spiritual practice Carnatic compositions.


She who is the beloved companion of Lord Sundara-Shiva, who revels in joy deriving from wisdom and is very beautiful. She whose feet are kamalamba navavarnam and red in color, who is radiant, mother of Guruguha and resides in the heart of Sadashiva. You whose black hair triumphs over the blue clouds are the plenitude[3] of consciousness and bliss.

She is of the nature of eternal and hidden Ashtavarga, the eight groups of alphabets. Oh my mother, You are the reflection of the entity of consciousness, Cidbimba, residing at the orb of the moon that shows the reflection of the original orb, void of consciousness. She who is the manifestation of the supreme non-dual non-differentiated ever pure kamalamba navavarnam and free self, the reality of which is consciousness and bliss.

She is worshiped by the celestials and resides at Kamalapura.

She is Hamsini, the supreme one in the company of great sages. She is revealed in holy scriptures.

S Rajeswari – Kamalamba Navavarna Krithis

She has the form of the Mantra which begins kamalamba navavarnam navavarna, letters Ka, Ha, Sa, etc. They are treasures which embody not only the technical brilliance of the composer but also offer a peep into the advaitic school of Hindu philosophy and elements of Naavarnam rituals. Everything is born of the supreme deity who is worshiped by the Kamalamba navavarnam such as Vama, etc.


She is the remover of sufferings and resides in the Trikona triangle, which obliterates the three kinds of miseries.

Kamalamba Navavarna Kritis – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. You embody the fourth Avarana containing the Shakti Samkshobhini, and rule the fourteen manifest worlds. I am the devotee of Kamalambika, who is the spouse of Shankara.

This page was last edited on 4 Augustat You possess lotus-like feet, which bestow all fortune. She is the supremely secret Yogini, who holds in Her four hands the sugar cane bow symbolising the mind, five arrows symbolising the five Tanmatras – essences, sounds etc.

May he be victorious. Navavadnam who is beyond Maya-delusion, expert in granting salvation, remover of distress, kamalamba navavarnam rays are the five elements i. She rejoices in Her own self of supreme bliss, the self which transcends the three states of existence: She who resides in Bindu Chakra, which is the center of Shripura, inside the temple, which is made of the wish-fulfilling gem Kamalamba navavarnam, She is in the embrace of Shiva on the couch of the form of Shiva.

She makes the sun, the moon and the fire manifest themselves. Her essential nature is the fire.

She is like the she-parrot in the center of the cage known as Tara. She is the goddess of the Chakra Sarvarakshakara, protecting all.