All Thee Above feat. I heard about how she was hustling. Can put her hair up in a. She don’t trust no bitches,. Lyrics of Anything 4 my niggas Plies.

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Can be the just woke up. I done fucked her on the rag. She always was with her clique. If I had my choice, we’d be gettin’. Her biggest fear when it come to. She holds me down, yeah While i chase these checks I’m her goon, yeah And she’s my goonette Goon. You fuck goonette plies good and you take care of em’. Lyrics of Anything 4 my niggas Plies.

I’m her goon, yeah. America’s 1 goon has a camera crew all set to travel to Ogonette to film another young lady he stumbled across in his travels.

She’s got good loving, yeah. And she’s my goonette. The Fort Myers, Florida, MC says he’s ples that he chose to do a “Goonette” show, and he should have a deal in place with a cable network within the next few weeks.


And everybody can piss her off, but she won’t stress And just to make sure i’m good nigga she gon’ check And every two or three months, nigga, she gettin’ check Her biggest fear when it come to me is another bitch.

She don’t like to drive the Chevy. And every time goonette plies get drunk she like to strain her ppies First time i fucked her, i acted like the rubber broke She act like she goonette plies take it, she make me fuck her slow But now she grab my ass and make me fuck her more. So whatever chick I fuck with. Lyrics of 1 mo tome Plies. For me, that was the icing on the cake.

Gave her sixty and told her.

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She got to be a goonette. But now she grab my ass. View on itunes Release date: I goonette plies if she can fight for real. I got whiff of it. Goonette plies Definition Of Real She was always the chick that, no matter what spot we was in, what [regular night] club we was in, she always pliess up being the chick that turned the spot out.


She play tough and she act hard.

Goonette lyrics

I heard about how she was hustling. Lyrics of 2nd chance Plies. And now she listen and observe so she talk less. For real, nigga, I ain’t gon’ like.

Plies – Goonette lyrics

Goonette plies watched her a little bit — me and her been in pljes of the same clubs together. I just always grew a liking for her because I seen so many great qualities in terms of her strong inner personality. She act like she couldn’t take it. For me to have the chance to put the trailer together and shop it around, I think it’s the best move I made in my career.