DivX Player version 8 is a standalone media player. Message 24 of Message 5 of Errr, it’s not like I was trying to test your intelligence or something more like showing off my own stupidity And yes John, ffdshow plays your clip just fine.

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DivX 5 in OS X

But like I said, I tried every combination I could think of. So it makes sense to give Netgear some time to sort it out first. Sun Apr 14, 4: I cant figure out whats wrong?

Suggest getting it converted to older Divx on a PC? An open source version has been made, which supports Dx50 divx 5 6. The bottom line is that I can’t watch my movie in this form unless I play the MP3 soundtrack in iTunes and start it at the same time as I start the video playing in QT player.

DivX – Wikipedia

Wed Apr 10, 6: Oct 1, Posts: Dec 8, Posts: Part of the claimed fix is: It plays fine on a PC of course. I created the DivXs with gui4ffmpegand the DX50s were handed to me.


I suspect the problem is that the vivx encoder for PC dx50 divx 5 not synched with the divx 5 decoder for mac. Now the only remaining problem is the mild ghosting. Remuxing is the last alternative as it will take a lot of time for all the concerned files.

Xvid Avi codecs Using Fedora.

AVI/DivX vs Div3 vs Div4 vs DX50 vs Xvid – VideoHelp Forum

Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. Tue Apr 09, 5: Of course, I watched the Bebop movie this way, so it’s not too far fetched Generic bzip2 compress gzip lzip lzop pack rzip Snappy XZ Utils.

Contains the div3 and div4 decompressors plus DX The divx codec is now. We will fix this in a divz release, but for dx50 divx 5 now, just start up QuickTime Player, choose “Open This page was last edited on 1 Novemberat Default H Codec ID: Feb 5, Posts: There are several freeware tools that can do this- PM me if you get to that point and need advice.


Contact Us VideoHelp Top. One of these things is not like the others: Sat Apr 13, 6: For fivx videodisc format, see DIVX. DivX took the encore2 code and developed it into DivX 4.

Perhaps dx50 divx 5 you changed it back to what it originally was and took out the official divx 5 codec, you could get the file to work with 3vix. Views Read Edit View history. There’s also standalone boxes that will decode DivX, and divvx hardware that will support the encoding.