Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. The fixer fixes a lot more! Steve — FYI The flightsimstore is back online after being down for a long time — Some of your customer may want to head on over their to download the 3. This software, then, works to deal with these problems and actually correct these issues. The software itself fixes a huge amount of problems but it does not manage to capture everything — there simply is too much wrong with the original build to be able to capture every last error that was left intact.

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However, it also comes down to the fact that scemery people just prefer DX9. The problem is that with this file, you get no instruction; we spent a good while just hitting our hands off the keyboard hoping for the best, but we got there eventually! The fixer understands the shader patches and will replace them during the install.

OldProp – How to optimize DX10 Scenery Fixer for FSFX Packages Effects

Many thanks for the help. If you purchased from the flight sim dx10 scenery fixer you must wait for them to take the update but worryingly they seem unresponsive at the moment. I can only see links to the shadows and fixer for purchase. Another problem with the ease of use — or lack of — was that the instruction manual that we needed to install the thing was installed alongside the software; a bit late!

Thank you so much!

FSX DX10 Scenery Fixer: Could it Help You?

sdenery Notify me of new posts via email. Then uninstall cloud shadows and reinstall and it should work as described. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here If you are running on the tip of the edge on a medium level machine, though, that enjoyment and elevation can dx10 scenery fixer quickly be lost and leave you with a chuttering and struggling simulator. The main reason to decide if you need this, then, comes down to one simple thing — do you have a powerful enough machine?


However, these changes are fairly comprehensive and will make a sizeable difference to your overall level of quality and performance as you move forward.

Be sure to check with the mods themselves in case any Fixrr updates have been released, as outdated versions can simply become incompatible with this. Hello there, I am currently writing for some clarification on the DX10 Fixer found within the avsim library.

How do I go about downloading these items? If the dx10 scenery fixer is not resolved promptly by them then you may contact me to chase them on your behalf.

How to optimize DX10 Scenery Fixer for FSFX Packages Effects

Last edited by John W ; Dec 29, 7: Dx10 scenery fixer you dx10 scenery fixer resend it to me? Dec 28, 2: Scenery problems have become commonplace and many people has found no way of getting the problem dealt with — until now. There is plenty to learn about the installation, by the way, so we recommend that you take a further look here if you need a bit of help operating it further. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Hi Steve I just purchased the Cloud Shadows today in the hope it would update my DX10 Fixer as commented above — all it did was tell me my version of DX10 fixer was out of date and it closed telling me I would have to uninstall it and reinstall a new version.


You can purchase your copy over at Steve’s website here. You are commenting using your WordPress.

November 30, at Steve — FYI The flightsimstore is back online after being down for a long time — Some of your customer may want to head on over their to download the 3. The main issues with ease of use were more the advanced side of things — the user interface for the software and its various other changes and additions are easy to use. It took many hours of browsing the forums and troubleshooting in the manuals to finally work out how to deal with things like anti-aliasing, for example, we suggest that you set your options to Anisotropic dx10 scenery fixer with the Dx10 scenery fixer box ticked, by the way!

DX10 naturally needs a bit more drive and energy from your machine to make it work effectively, so performances on lower end machines with a rather powerful graphics card could be a problem.

The download of the dx10 scenery fixer can be made through the store HERE, and you can then install it. The first thing that you need to know about this software is its basic usage — sceenery helps to make scenery work out correctly when using DX Then this is what you need to pick up. Open up your e-mails before installing, by the way, as you need to get a hold of your details that are sent to you after making the purchase of the Fixer.