After releasing the album, the band toured extensively. Such underground artists were often highly trained musicians who also had other jobs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This lyrical album, which was dedicated to Shevchuk’s deceased wife, Elmira, met with great popular success. In the summer of , DDT toured across Russia and recorded a new album, Ya poluchil etu rol I was given this role , which contained some songs from the old albums re-recorded in a professional studio [10]. During this time, popular music in the former Soviet Union was split between sanctioned “official” performers who were admitted to the musicians’ union, and underground artists. After the following tour Vadim Kurilev, band’s guitarist and bass-guitarist from original Piter line-up, had left a group to begin his solo career.

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Like other dissident artists, they survived svio a combination of cleverness, perseverance, and unofficial help from their fan base. Although they never considered themselves political activists, Shevchuk always felt it his duty as a citizen and a songwriter to address not only the strengths but the weaknesses of his country’s government, a dangerous stance to take in the former Soviet Union.

DDT (band)

InShevchuk moved to Leningrad [8] now Saint Petersburg with his wife, son and mother. After the Soviet Union’s collapse inDDT attracted an even greater following both at home and abroad, as their albums and concerts began to be broadcast and publicized more widely.

On January 23,the new lineup debuted on the stage of the Leningrad Rock Club [9]. Named after the pesticide DDTthey are one of the better known and most prolific Russian bands of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.


Petersburg was a center of musical resurgence. Nizhny Novgorod”Istoria zvuka” tour. After recording the album, Sigachyov and Shevchuk returned to Ufa [4].

DDT – Eto Vsio

Musicians planned to make a double album, however because of challenging deadlines and the instability of the lineup, a significant amount of early musical material and recordings did not make it into the final version. The concert in Petersburg was shown on TV by Channel 5 without commercial breaks. Their performance, however, was edited out of ddt eto vsio official television program covering the event [5]. Its vssio members included:. In the s, DDT straddled the line between underground and sanctioned artists, but was close to the underground in their musical, lyrical, and performing styles.

In the summer ofupon their return from the Ddt eto vsio States, the group headlined several festivals, including VladiROCKstokthe first large-scale international music festival in the formerly closed city of Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan.

DDT – Eto Vsio – video dailymotion

That duologue had even more experimental sound then Mir nomer nol. At the end of the winter of —, the group spent time working in the United States. This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat In Januaryduring First Chechen WarShevchuk went on a peace mission to Chechnyawhere he performed 50 concerts for both Russian troops and Chechen citizens alike. These concerts were dedicated to victims of wars, particularly the victims of the war in South Ossetia.

Soviet rock Russian rock music groups ddt eto vsio in Russia Musical groups established in ddt eto vsio Retrieved 29 April A complex underground network evolved in the s ddt eto vsio “unofficial” music became widely distributed although the compensation for the artists was very limitedby ” magnitizdat “, i.

The band was formed in [1] and originally consisted of five members:. InDDT recorded another album, the bleak and keyboards-heavy Plastun A crawling soldieroriginally the name of Cossack infantrymenbut after many months of work Shevchuk decided to shelve it and the album was not released untilfour years later. Many songs are in the chanson style. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


They also participate in the Viktor Tsoi tribute concert, after the renowned singer-songwriter died in a car accident on August 15, Retrieved 29 April — via NYTimes. After the following tour Vadim Kurilev, band’s guitarist and bass-guitarist from original Piter line-up, had left a group to begin his solo career.

The more than 20 albums in DDT’s discography not only chronicle the veio of a rock group, but also provide poignant narratives that examine many aspects of life in the Soviet Union and Russia during the past 35 years. DDT always was and still is one of the most popular rock ddt eto vsio in Ddt eto vsio, and their concerts typically attract tens of thousands of fans.

On April 5,DDT released a film titled Nebo pod serdtsem Heaven under the Heart a compilation of behind-the-scenes and concert footage from the band’s performance at xdt ” Olympic Stadium “. Inthe band also made their first visit to the U. Inhe rebuilt DDT. The vslo of the music’s marketability was never part of the song writing process as there was no “market” in which to compete but only an allegiance to the purity of artistic expression.