If the application in which ISM is used has the facility of selecting any true type font as default font then it is possible. It is a Monothick font wherein the Glyphs have equal thickness of the horizontal and vertical stems. On-screen keyboards for Tirhuta language are also provided in this tool to make typing more easy. They are also the backbone of NLP related work like machine translation, search engines and also for developing as well as evaluating spell checkers. Your next big adventure is only an email away. Presently the software is for Hindi language. ISM is copy protected by a Hardware Lock that is to be connected to the computers parallel port.

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This is typing software, which enables typing of Indian Languages in editors of Giat based applications with Unicode complaint font. Web fonts should be used for this purpose.

On minimizing also ISM will sit in the system tray. Kindly confirm below things. What is the solution?

C-DAC GIST Data Converter – offline version

A floating keyboard allows the cdac gist ism to correct text within the text-box itself. To sort the data, it is mandatory to select it before clicking on the Sorting menu. Switch Key is used to toggle between English and Indian Language selected for typing.


My database is in Bilingual font but when I generate a report the Indian language characters are displayed as junk. The data is tagged for the following areas: While installing ISM V6, the installation gets hanged at the stage cdac gist ism registry updation “Setup is updating the registry ….

English inputting is also made possible without a need to switch between the Android native English keyboards. I have a parallel port dongle but my new machine does not have facility to connect it, how can I get USB dongle?

This problem has been solved. Roman Script Useful Links. Fonts Yashomudra Yashovenu Sakal Marathi. ISM fonts are not compatible with Linux.

ISM Publisher

Besides this, the fonts occupy approximately 50 KB of disk space per font. What should Cdac gist ism do? Also if an application uses separate fonts other than the fonts supplied by Windows, then special fonts are required for the same.

On-screen keyboards for each language are also provided in this tool to make typing more easy.

For more details, please contact: What is Cdac gist ism used for? This software can be used for creating a dictionary. Cdac gist ism problem is solved. Typing will generate out arranged according to their inflexional forms. This email address is being protected from spambots. Hyphenation is a feature in ISM V6 that prevents words from breaking cdca when they occur at the end of a line. For this please get in touch with support. Based on suggestion heuristics as well as the most common errors made by Urdu speakers, Imla Shanaas provides normally a hit within the top three suggestions.


Yes, ISM V6 supports thin client environment.

Comparison between different ISM flavours

One, gits the Text to Curves” and modify it as you wish. This tool is a web based tool so any distant authorized user having internet access can use this software. Display is possible without any visible download of components. How do I set default fonts for applications using ISM?