Membangun e-Learning dengan Moodle. Cepat Cerdas Seri SD. These CDs could be assumed as substitutes for books. Bamboomedia creates a website named indoclass. Information Technology and Computer.

bamboomedia simplebiz

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During my internship period in Bamboomedia, there are points that I have learned and experienced.

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Learning Software Project Based learning. I enjoyed my days there. A Free Interpretation Case Study: The internship program is important for students to experience the real work situation whereas they could also implement knowledge gained in the classroom in to actual business practices.

I would like to thank Mr Putu Sudiarta, the owner of Bamboomedia, who had given me a chance to have internship in his company and for his guidance during the process. They were also helpful and responsive to my questions. To improve learning and training quality through information technology innovation and application.


It is where customer can register simpleniz follows online classes. I prepared the source code and created some sample applications.


Bamboomedia creates a website named indoclass.

bamboomedia simplebiz

The training is focused on the skill of retouching, rather than novelties in Adobe Photoshop. It did not only enhance my knowledge and ability but also my personality. I also found that creating tutorial is not an easy job which needs a lot of patience and spend quite much of time, especially in recording the screen demo and mixing.

I believe that all the things I have learned through this internship program will contribute a lot to my future.

Below are some of Bamboomedia OnNet products:. I learned new bamboomeddia and met new people during the process. This was done by Simpleibz Support division. Hair Retouching in Photoshop 30 min.

The video tutorials are available to watch instantly via sikplebiz video channel. Tukad Yeh Aya No I had to prepare anything that is necessary before I started recording. Regarding its products quality and ideas, Bamboomedia has been awarded an e-learning award in education software developer category that was held by Pustekom Pusat Teknologi dan Komunikasi and SWA Magazine.


As the name implies, the website can be accessed at www.

bamboomedia simplebiz

About Gry Garness eBooks. PC untuk semua This was done by Technical Support division.

bamboomedia simplebiz

The company extracts knowledge from professionals and put all baamboomedia that knowledge in a multimedia CD-ROM, company intranet, or in Internet web pages.

It is where customer can register and follows online classes. I was assigned on a project about database connectivity. Many things I have learned during my internship period there. I personally eblok the understated approach to processing with an emphasis on a flattering color palette, but everyone has their own style. Adobe Camera Raw Essentials 35 min. This is suitable for intermediate-advanced Photoshop users. They watched and marked the tutorial.

I explored Internet and read several books regarding this material.